Cinntea Holdings is a privately incorporated company establish in 2013 with the aim of producing and delivering the finest aromatic spices to our clientele all over the world. Our spices are grown and harvested from the finest estates and plantations and are manufactured under stringent quality standards, using cutting edge technology and expertise.

Our Business

We are able to provide the customer specific Cinnamon deliveries which is maintaining the premium Sri Lankan Cinnamon quality. We are working with the few of known Cinnamon growers, hand pick the cinnamon from the fields and processed at our dedicated Cinnamon Processing Centre. We do this to ensure the quality is maintained across all channels until it reaches our valuable customers.


Historical facts about Cinnomon

Ceylon cinnamon botanically named as Cinnamomum verum has been traded around the world for centuries. It is highly valued for its aromatic taste and fragrance. As it was an expensive commodity in Europe, the Portuguese & the Dutch sea who invaded and occupied in Sri Lanka during the 15th & 16th centuries highly valued the production of cinnamon in their days of occupation here. The product was traded in Europe fetched the high profits. In the early days It was used as a food preservative and relaxing drink. Today cinnamon is used in many mouth-watering culinary delights, specially fish & meat dishes and also sweet desserts such as apple pie and breakfast cereals. Cinnamon also contains many medicinal properties too. It helps in combatting type 2 diabetes. It has been revealed that cinnamon helps preventing cancers, tumors and malignance.


Cinntea holdings
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